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On Slurs

Yesterday, some people thought “cis” was a slur. Now we have people thinking “allistic” is a slur. I guess we’re not supposed to say “cis” or “allistic”, when we should just be saying “normal” or “regular”. Because, of course, everyone who deviates from the majority are abnormal - and, therefore, deserve to be treated as lesser beings.

Ugh! Some people really make me sick! *headdesk*

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  2. ozziescribbler said: Someone give those people a dictionary, please. With that logic, “heterosexual”, “male” and “female” are slurs as well.
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    I think it’s both things. For people, who aren’t familiar with the cis-term in an academic setting and comes to Tumblr...
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    That certainly doesn’t help, but I think that what it really comes down to is the fact that the concept of “cis” in...
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    The asexual community had trouble deciding what to call people who experience sexual attraction; the options were...
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    Maybe part of the problem is that “cis” is often treated like a slur by some people who regularly use the word. I...
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  12. yesthattoo said: WTF, people. (directed at the people, not you. You’re showing signs of being a Decent Human Being in general and an active ally for me.)
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    Best part*: These are likely the exact same people who don’t think r****d or t****y are slurs. *And by best part, I mean...
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