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A Brief Message on “Special Snowflake Syndrome”

Aside from not liking the term, to begin with - it does seem like too many people are quick to throw that insult around. Without a doubt, there are people who take excessive pride in “being different” - and they act as if them “being different” makes them superior to their peers. From what I understand, this is what “special snowflake” is supposed to mean. I do find these people to be incredibly annoying. It’s not the “being different” part that bothers me, but the accompanying arrogant attitude - and bashing those who they believe to be “conformists”.

However, it seems a lot of people have taken to throwing the “special snowflake” insult towards anyone who feels the need to ask “am I the only one who ____”. In general, people who ask that feel insecure about “being different” - which is the exact opposite of thinking you’re a superior person. While, intellectually, they may know that they’re not literally the only person on earth who ____ - they still have an emotional need for reassurance that they are not alone. Perhaps, they are neuroatypical - and have had their opinions or beliefs dismissed on the basis of their neurotype. Or else, they’re just surrounded by closed-minded assholes who can’t accept people with a differing opinion. Either way, accusing them of “egotism” does not help matters any.

The bottom line is, “being different” is neither something to be proud or ashamed of.

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